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Abreva treats cold sores or fever blisters on the face and lips and may shorten their symptoms.

Keep Abreva at room temperature.

Let your doctor know if you are or are planning on becoming pregnant or are breast-feeding. Make your doctor aware of any prescription or non-prescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement you are taking or if you have any allergies.

Do not share Abreva with anyone. If your cold sore gets worse or is not gone in 10 days, stop using Abreva and contact your doctor. Abreva should not be used on children younger than 12.

Patient Family Information  : Take Abreva exactly as your doctor has shown you. Wash your hands thoroughly before using Abreva. Then apply Abreva to the affected area only. Avoid contact with your eyes. Use Abreva 5 times a day until healed or directed otherwise by your doctor.

Do not use Abreva if you are allergic to any ingredient in the medicine.

Sever Side Effects : Severe side effects include: Severe allergic reaction.

Common side effects include: When used in small doses, no side effects have been reported.

Other: None.

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