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Aggrenox Classification 

Aggrenox is a combination medicine of aspirin and dipyridamoleAspirin belongs to a category of drugs referred to as salicylates that reduce a substance within the body that causes pain, fever, and inflammation. Dipyridamole, on the other hand, is a nucleoside transport inhibitor and PDE3 inhibitor that reduces blood clots and causes blood vessels to dilate quickly. This combination medicine works as an antiplatelet drug that stops the platelets from clumping together to form a blood clot, allowing the blood to keep on flowing to the brain.  

Aggrenox Uses 

Aggrenox is employed to scale back the danger of stroke in patients who already had a mini-stroke, also referred to as Transient Ischemic Attack TIA. It is caused by a blood clot that is clogged in the blood vessels in the brain that causes a temporary lack of blood flow, this condition does not cause a permanent disability but should be prevented from reoccurring. This medication is prescribed to prevent the aggregation of platelets, although it is a natural process for the prevention of blood loss when blood vessels are damaged, it is not good for people who had mini-strokes so this should be prevented. 

Aggrenox Dose 

Aggrenox is a prescription medicine; it is available in one strength of 25mg/200mg capsule. The dose that will be prescribed is based on the patient’s medical condition and other medication being taken. At the first intake of this medicine, a headache might occur so adjustments may be done by your doctor before proceeding to a regular dose of intake. Aggrenox is usually taken twice a day, one in the morning and another one at night on a full or empty stomach. It should be swallowed not chewed, cut, or opened for this will destroy the extended-release mechanism of the medicine and may increase the risk of side effects. A regular schedule of intake is recommended to attain the full benefit of this medicine, in case of a missed dose, it can be taken as soon as remembered if it’s not yet near the next schedule, if it is then let it be skipped for double dosing should be avoided.  

Do not try to replace this medicine with a regular aspirin and dipyridamole for Aggrenox medication is not equivalent to them. Adjustments should only be upon the approval of your health care provider and do not abruptly stop intake once feeling well. Be sure to follow how your doctor prescribed this medicine.  

Aggrenox Side Effects 

Aggrenox is a well-tolerated medicine but it can still have side effects such as nausea, headache, and heartburn but will usually go off as the body adjust to the medication.  

A rare side effect may occur like uncontrolled bleeding, irregular heartbeat, dark urine, and yellowing of the eyes or skin, if any of these happen be sure to ask for medical assistance. Take note that this is not the full list of side effects. 

Intake of this medicine may increase the risk of bleeding and bruising, avoid alcohol while in this medication for it may increase the risk of stomach bleeding.  


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