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Ampyra ( Dalfampridine ) is a broad spectrum potassium channel blocker that is prescribed for patients with Multiple Sclerosis MS. It is a potentially disabling disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. Ampyra is a neurofunctional modifier that helps improve not just the walking speed but also finger dexterity and cognition of MS patients.   

What is Ampyra used for? 

Ampyra for MS improves mobility by improving the ability of a person to walk. This medicine can be used alone or prescribed with other medications. The improvement for walking is provided without getting the symptoms to worsen. Multiple sclerosis disrupts signals in our body to do things such as moving up and down, with the help of this medication the flow of signals is restored to have a better reception in sending and receiving messages for body function such as walking. 

Ampyra Mechanism of Action  

Ampyra works by blocking tiny pores on the surface of nerve fibers to improve the conduction of nerve signals. This medicine is a great help for multiple sclerosis for it helps strengthen the signals that are sent by the brain thru nerves that are damaged by MS. The condition is caused by damaged myelin, an insulating layer made of proteins and fatty substances that are located in the brain and spinal cord. If myelin is damaged there will be no protection for the nerve cells. Nerve cells are the one that carries messages back and forth from the brain to the entire body, damaged cell means nerves won’t be able to send and receive messages.  

Ampyra binds and blocks the potassium channel to delay repolarization (decrease of voltage) which leads to an increase of activity of Effective Refractory Period ERP. It makes sure that the current available is high enough to stimulate conduction in damaged myelin of MS patients. It facilitates signal transmission despite the demyelinated axons.  

Ampyra Dosage 

Ampyra is an extended-release type of medicine that comes in an off-white film-coated tablet with 10mg strength. The prescription will be based on one’s medical condition and response, your doctor will be the one to adjust the dose and be sure to follow how it is prescribed. It is usually taken twice daily in a scheduled time to get the most benefit from it, an interval of 12 hours is needed for the intake. It can be administered with or without food, swallow the medicine and do not crush, chew or cut for it may cause an increased risk of side effects such as seizure. It is not advisable to take a double dose in case of missing a dose, inform your doctor if a missed dose keeps happening.  

A prescription is needed to be able to buy this medication, this medicine is on a limited distribution so it is not available in all pharmacies. Since it is on selected pharmacies, Ampyra cost may be expensive. Canada prescription plus is one of the specialty pharmacies where you can buy and refill Ampyra at a competitive price so check this site for the price list and quantity available. 

Ampyra Side Effects 

Here are some common side effects while on this medication, take note that this is not the complete list. 

  • Headache 
  • Dizziness 
  • Weakness 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Insomnia 
  • Constipation 
  • Upset stomach 
  • Stuffy nose 
  • Sinus pain 
  • Sore throat 
  • Back pain 

Ask for medical help once severe side effects occur such as hives, difficulty in breathing, swelling (face, throat, lips, and tongue), seizure, burning pain, numbness, tingling feeling, problem in balance, and relapse or worsening of MS symptoms. 

Ampyra weight loss is also said to be a side effect but this one is said to be unintentional.  A study shows that patients taking this medicine tends to lose weight and the usual affected are females aged 50 to 59 years old and there are no reports of severe weight loss. Another factor of weight loss is the condition of MS itself, although weight gain is the most common, weight loss may also occur.  

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