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What is Aventyl? 

Aventyl contains an active ingredient called nortriptyline, a tricyclic antidepressant that improves mood, relieves anxiety and tensions, and increases energy levels. It increases the level of norepinephrine and serotonin, and by restoring the balance of these two neurotransmitters, depression is alleviated. 

Aventyl Uses 

 Aventyl can be used to treat: 

  • Depression –is a mood disorder associated with persistent sadness and lack of interest in life. 
  • Neuropathic pain – a shooting pain caused by damage in the nerves that transfer information between the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body. 
  • ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – a brain disorder that affects the control of paying attention and behavior. 
  • Smoking cessation- anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, and irritability caused by quitting smoking. 
  • Bed-wetting – involuntary urination while at sleep for ages that are no longer expected to wet the bed.  

Aventyl works in these conditions by balancing natural chemicals in the central nervous system to regulate mood, treat nerve pain, and affect antispasmodic on the bladder. 

Aventyl Dose 

This medication is available only with a prescription, for the dose is based on the patient’s medical condition, other medicine intakes, and body response. It is available in oral solutions with 10mg/5m strength, capsules with 10mg, 25mg, and 75mg, and tablets of 10mg and 25mg strengths. It is usually taken once or four times a day without regard to food, but you may take food if a stomach upset occurs. The initial dose starts at the lowest and is gradually increased; if you have been prescribed Aventyl 25 mg, it can be adjusted up to 100mg but has to have a one-week interval for each adjustment.  

Treatment for nerve pain usually starts at 10mg once a day with a maximum of 75mg under specialist supervision, while depression in adults is given 75mg to150mg, and depression in teens ages 12 to 17 years old is prescribed with 30mg to 50mg, a higher dose can be administered with specialist advice. Regular use will help attain the most benefit of it; take it at the same time of day daily. Once a dose is missed, take it as soon as remembered, but if it is almost the time for the next intake, let it be skipped and proceed to the next intake schedule for double dosing is discouraged. 

Aventyl Side Effects 

Dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, blurred vision, weight gain, and urinating problems are the common side effects of this medication; if any of these persist, inform your doctor promptly. 

Dryness in the mouth can be relieved by sucking a sugarless candy or chewing sugarless gum; drinking plenty of water will also help. 

Dizziness and lightheadedness can be relieved if you slowly rise from a sitting or lying position. 

Constipation can be prevented by drinking plenty of water and eating dietary fibers.  

Rare but severe side effects may occur like: 

  • Persistent heartburn 
  • Muscle spasm 
  • Mask like facial expression 
  • Shaking 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Decreased sexual ability 
  • Desire changes 
  • Painful breast 
  • Allergic reactions 

If any of the lists above are experienced, tell your doctor right away. The side effect on this page is not the complete list. Get medical help right away if you experience irregular heartbeat, severe dizziness, eye pain, swelling, widened pupils, and vision change like seeing a rainbow around lights at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-When is the best time to take Aventyl? 

          -If you are prescribed a once-a-day intake, it is best to take it before bedtime, for it will make you feel sleepy, but if you have trouble sleeping, you may take it earlier in the evening. 

-How long before Aventyl starts to work? 

         -It will take a week before this medication works, but the full effect may take up to four weeks. 

-Can alcohol be taken while in Aventyl medication? 

         -Taking alcohol with this medication can cause dangerous side effects. Alcohol can make you feel dizzier, drowsy and affects vision 

-Can I stop taking Aventyl when I feel okay? 

         -Do not abruptly stop taking this medication without your doctor’s advice, for the condition may become worse, and side effects may worsen; this drug should be gradually decreased before entirely stopped. 

-Why should I avoid the sun while on Aventyl? 

         -Use of this medication makes you sensitive to the sun and may cause skin redness, blisters, and sunburn; you may use sunscreens and protective

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