Formulation : Powder for Oral Solution
Dosage : 10mg/3.5g/12g
Quantity : 2sachets
Prescription Required
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Clenpiq Solution 

This medication is an oral solution made up of a combination of sodium picosulfate stimulant and magnesium oxide added with citric acid to form magnesium citrate; all of them work together to cause watery diarrhea to clean the colon. Clenpiq is used to prepare patients who will undergo a colonoscopy, an examination where a tube with a camera is inserted into the rectum; it draws a lot of water into the intestine to stimulate the colon leading to watery bowel movements cleaning the colon to help a better examination. 

Clenpiq Instructions 

This medication is ready to drink the solution in a bottle with a strength of 10mg/3.5g/12g, taken at two separate doses; one bottle is considered one dose. It is prescribed to patients ages nine and above provided with a special diet, which is usually clear liquids like water, broth, and plain gelatin that are easily digested and leave no undigested residue in the intestine.  

A split-dose regimen is done as colonoscopy preparation; the 1st dose is taken a day before the procedure in the evening, followed by five more 8 oz clear liquids, which can be taken little by little until you reach the said amount within five hours before bedtime. While the 2nd dose is taken in the morning, five hours before the procedure, followed by four 8oz or more clear liquids up to two hours before the procedure. 

Clenpiq Alternative 

An alternative intake process can be made when the split-dose regimen is inappropriate; a day before the regimen can be done. It still consists of 2 doses; the 1st dose is taken in the afternoon or late evening before the procedure, and the 2nd dose is taken 6 hours later during the evening before the procedure. 

Clenpiq Side Effects 

Nausea, vomiting, bloating, headache, and stomach cramps are the common side effects of this medication; if it persists or worsens, inform your doctor. Take note that the side effects listed here are not the complete list. 

Tell your doctor right away if any of these occur: 

  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Confusion
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Seizure 

Rare but severe side effects like allergic reaction, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing may be experienced; get medical help right away if it does. 

Clenpiq vs Suprep 

These medications are both used to prepare patients examined via colonoscopy; they both clean the colon with watery diarrhea. Supreme is a mixture of salts that is poorly absorbed by the gastrointestinal GI tract. It stays in the GI tract, leading to watery diarrhea; it is an osmotic laxative that increases the water flow and soft stool pass.  

While Clenpiq, aside from being an osmotic laxative that draws water to the intestine to soften stool to manage constipation, is also a stimulant laxative that triggers intestinal cells to contract, promoting water influx into the intestine that causes bowel movements.  

Suprep is available in an oral solution of 16g-3.13g-17.5g that tastes salty like a cherry medicine, while Clenpiq tastes sweet and cranberry flavored available, in 10mg-3.5g-12g oral solution and powder. Supreme has a two-day regimen of six-ounce for adults and a two-day regimen for 12 years and older in 4.5-ounce doses.  Clenpiq requires a smaller amount of medication, unlike Suprep, which requires a lot more preparation. These two medications are expensive because they do not have available generic form, but Suprep is less costly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take for Clenpiq to work? 

Watery bowel movements may start after 2 to 4 hours of intake. 

-How long will watery diarrhea last? 

It will take up to 5 to 6 hours after the 1st dose; a lot of water is needed to avoid dehydration. 

-Why do you need to split the dose intake of Clenpiq? 

Splitting of the dose is done for a better cleaning of the colon and tolerability reason. 

-Why are colored drinks not allowed in Clenpiq? 

Colored drinks can fool the brain thinking that you are eating; any purple or red color masks the colon lining that may interfere with the accurate examination. 

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Sodium Picosulfate/Magnesium Oxide/Citric Acid

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Powder for Oral Solution