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Formulation : Eye Drops
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Dosage: 0.2/0.5%
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Brimonidine Tartrate/Timolol Maleate

Prescription Required
Formulation : Eye Drops
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Brimonidine Tartrate/Timolol Maleate
Dosage: 0.2/0.5%
Quantity: 5mL
Price: $32.50


What is Combigan?  

Combigan eye drops are a combination medicine that can be used to treat glaucoma and other eye disorders. It accomplishes this by decreasing intraocular pressure. Brimonidine and Timolol, the two medicines that make up Combigan, are taken combined when one isn’t enough. It is not advised for children under the age of two due to the increased risk of significant adverse effects.  

Usage and Dosage  

Before use, consult your doctor if you have a history of:  

  • Allergies to certain medical ingredients  
  • Lung disease  
  • Irregular heartbeat  
  • Heart disease  
  • Kidney disease  
  • Liver disease  
  • Blood vessel disease  
  • Blood circulation disorders  
  • Dizziness after standing  
  • Muscle weakness disorders 

If you have an eye infection or damage, talk to your prescribing doctor about whether you should keep taking the medication. Even if your current bottle isn’t completed, your prescribing doctor may advise you to start a new one.  

If you have diabetes, this medicine may help you avoid some symptoms including racing or pounding heart. Other symptoms may or may not be affected.  

Combigan might make you dizzy. Alcohol and/or weed can also make you dizzy. Do not drive, operate machinery, or engage in any other tasks that need vigilance or clear eyesight. While taking Combigan, try to stay away from alcohol. If you want to consume cannabis, talk to your prescribing doctor.  

Possible interactions include:  

  • Oral Beta-blockers  
  • Antidepressants  
  • Digoxin  
  • Epinephrine  
  • Fingolimod  
  • High blood pressure medications  
  • Quinidine  
  • Opioid pain/cough relievers  
  • Alcohol/cannabis  
  • Drugs for sleep/anxiety  
  • Muscle relaxants  
  • Antihistamines 

How to Use  

To minimize cross-contamination, wash your hands before using this medicine. Remove your contact lenses if you wear them. Because some of the preservatives in Combigan eye drops might be absorbed by the lenses, wait 15 minutes before putting in contact lenses after applying them.  

Pull down your lower lid and tilt your head back, gazing up, to form a pouch to apply for the medicine. Apply one drop twice a day, twelve hours apart, every day. Close your eyes and look down once you’ve applied for the medicine. Apply gentle pressure to the inner corner of the eye where Combigan was administered with your finger. Do not touch or blink your eyes. If necessary, repeat the process with the opposite eye.  

To avoid infection, do not rinse the dropper and simply replace the cap after each use. Use eye drops first, then ointments, and wait at least 10 minutes between each. For optimum effects, use Combigan on a regular basis. The majority of persons with glaucoma or excessive eye pressure don’t have any symptoms. 

Combigan Side Effects  


  • Temporary burning/stinging/itching/redness/blurring/discomfort of eyes  
  • Watery/dry eyes  
  • Dry mouth  
  • Headache/dizziness  
  • Drowsiness 


  • Vision changes  
  • Sensitivity to light  
  • Eye pain/swelling/discharge  
  • Slow/irregular heartbeat  
  • Muscle weakness/tiredness   
  • Mental/mood changes  
  • Coldness/numbness/pain in hands/feet  
  • Swelling ankles/feet  
  • Trouble breathing/speaking  
  • Chest pain  
  • Confusion/fainting  
  • Allergic reaction 

Combigan Prices  

The price varies depending on Combigan dose and amount. More information may be found at the top of the page. 

If you have any questions regarding medication or basic inquiries about be sure to contact us in writing. Or, if you need to speak to a live representative, you can call our toll-free number at 1-866-779-7587. We are happy to answer any questions you may have 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Canada Prescriptions Plus is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). We partner with licensed pharmacies in Canada and other countries to provide you with medication choices and affordable drug prices. Canada Prescriptions Plus Reliable & Affordable International and Canadian Pharmacy Online.

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Brimonidine Tartrate/Timolol Maleate

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Brimocom, Combigan



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5mL, 10mL


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