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Esbriet description  

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a kind of lung disease that is treated with this medication (pirfenidone). Scarring and stiffness of the lungs occur as a result of this disease, making breathing difficult. This medication could also be able to assist you to slow down the progression of fibrosis in IPF.  

Esbriet mechanism of action  

Esbriet’s a specific method of action is unknown; however, it is suspected to interfere with the synthesis of small proteins involved in inflammation and cell proliferation in the body. This medication targets a variety of pathways that are thought to be involved in lung scarring. 


Take this drug by mouth three times a day with meals or as prescribed by your doctor. Nausea and dizziness may be relieved by taking pirfenidone with meals. The doctor may recommend that you start with a low dose and gradually increase it to minimize the risk of side effects. 

Enoxacin, ciprofloxacin and fluvoxamine may interact with this medication. Tell your doctor about all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as any supplements you’re taking. Tell your doctor if you’re pregnant, intending to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

Esbriet side effects  


  • Nausea  
  • Vomiting  
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Stomach pain  
  • Heartburn  
  • Upset stomach  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Headache  
  • Dizziness  
  • Feeling tired  
  • Weight loss  
  • Cold symptoms  
  • Joint pain  
  • Sleep problems 


  • Severe allergic reaction  
  • Severe persistent stomach pain, vomiting, or diarrhea  
  • Burning sensation in your throat  
  • Liver problems: 
  • Upper right stomach pain  
  • Easy bruising/bleeding  
  • Feeling tired  
  • Dark urine  
  • Clay-colored stools  
  • Yellowing  

This medication has the potential to produce significant side effects. Contact your doctor or local emergency number right away if you have experienced any serious side effects. 

These aren’t the only negative effect of using it. Other, more common side effects should be discussed with your physician and pharmacist. Inform your doctor of other medications you are on, or drug allergies, and any previous health conditions, before using this drug. 

Ofev vs Esbriet  

Esbriet and Ofev are both approved anti-fibrotic medicines that have been shown to be safe and effective in the treatment of IPF in a study based on real-world data. In IPF patients, Esbriet and Ofev increased progression-free survival, delayed lung function decline, and reduced mortality. Ofev appears to be more tolerated than this medication in the early stages of treatment, suggesting it may be the better first-line medication. 


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