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Fludrocortisone Acetate

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Fludrocortisone Acetate
Dosage: 0.1mg
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Florinef Medication 

Fludrocortisone is the active ingredient of Florinef, a synthetic glucocorticoid used to replenish the low levels of hormones in the body caused by diseases. It belongs to the corticosteroid class, which regulates the concentrations of minerals, particularly sodium and potassium.  

Florinef Uses 

Florinef is intended to regulate hormones in Addison disease and the salt-losing adrenogenital syndrome, where excessive sodium is excreted through urine. This medicine works by controlling sodium and fluid amounts in the body by decreasing the amount of sodium released in urine; it improves the reabsorption of sodium ions and boosts the urinary excretion of potassium and hydrogen ions. It can also be used to increase blood pressure to an average level in patients with low blood pressure; it increases the body’s salt level, which helps increase the blood volume. Some studies show that sepsis patients with intact adrenal glands develop adrenal insufficiency and are prescribed Florinef; the result indicates that they benefited from this medicine. 

Florinef Dose 

Before starting this medication, read the medicine leaflet for drug information and tell your doctor all other medications you are taking to avoid drug interactions. Inform your doctor about your medical history, especially bleeding problems, bone disease, edema, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, herpes infection in the eyes, tuberculosis, or myasthenia gravis. 

This medicine is a prescription drug based on the medical condition and response to the treatment. Florinef 0.1 mg is available in one strength only in tablet form, it is usually taken once a day or as prescribed. Take this medication on a regular basis at the same time of the day every day; if prescribed three times a week, you may track the intake schedule on your calendar so you won’t miss a dose. In case you missed one, take it as soon as remembered, but if it is near the time of the following intake, skip the missed dose for double dosing is discouraged. The usual prescription is 0.1 mg once a day or 0.1 mg three times a week up to 0.2 mg daily; if a patient develops transient hypertension, the dose may be reduced to 0.05 mg. 

Florinef Side Effects 

Menstrual changes, headaches, and stomach upset are the common side effect of this medication; ask for medical advice diagnosis if they persist or worsen. Take note that the side effects of fludrocortisone listed here are not the complete list. Serious side effects may also occur; inform your doctor immediately if any of the lists below is experienced: 

  • Changes in skin appearance 
  • Easily bruised 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Unusual weight gain 
  • Increased thirst or urination 
  • Severe tiredness 
  • Swelling hands or feet 
  • Puffy face 
  • Slow wound healing 
  • Dizziness 
  • Signs of new infection such as persistent sore throat, skin sores, and fever 

Ask for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment if you experience these rare severe side effects: eye problems, severe continuous headache, irregular heartbeat, mood changes, seizures, symptoms of intestinal bleeding such as abdominal pain, tarry stools, and vomit the looks like coffee grounds) 

Get emergency medical attention if a severe allergic reaction with rash, itchiness, swelling, severe dizziness, and troubled breathing is experienced. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-Is Florinef safe for lactating mothers? 

Seek advice from your doctor first before taking this medication if you are breastfeeding an infant, for this medicine can be passed through breast milk and may cause harm to the baby. 

-Can pregnant women take Florinef? 

Discuss the risks and benefits of this medication before using it; children born with their mothers taking this medicine have low levels of corticosteroid hormones. 

-Do I need to take Florinef with food? 

To avoid stomach problems, take this drug with meals. Your doctor may advise you to take low sodium, low salt, rich in potassium, or high protein foods. 

-Can alcohol be taken while in Florinef treatment? 

Avoid drinking alcohol while on this medication for it may increase the risk of side effects. 

-How long before Florinef worked? 

It may take up to two to four weeks before this medication starts to work. 

How much is the price of this medication? 

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Fludrocortisone Acetate

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Florinef, Fludrocortisone Acetate



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90, 100, 300