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Freestyle Lancets

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Freestyle Lancets
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Freestyle Lancets are thin, sterile, and disposable needles used to prick the skin for blood glucose testing.

They are typically used in conjunction with a lancing device to draw a small blood sample for use with a blood glucose meter.

Freestyle Lancets are available in various gauges, with 28 gauge being a common size. They are sold in boxes of varying quantities, ranging from 100 to 200 lancets per box.

Freestyle Lancets are manufactured by Abbott, and they are designed to work with the FreeStyle and Precision Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.

Use and Dosage

There is no clear information on the exact dosage of Freestyle Lancets, but they are often used with blood glucose monitoring systems that may have specific usage guidelines.

Side Effects

Freestyle Lancets do not carry any known side effects. However, note that the lancets should never be used without first consulting a healthcare professional, and they are often used in conjunction with blood glucose monitoring systems that may have specific usage guidelines.

While there were some skin-related adverse events reported about the use of the Freestyle Libre device, which is a different product from Freestyle Lancets, there were no known side effects specifically related to the use of Freestyle Lancets themselves.


Some of the FreeStyle Lancets cautions are:

  • Use caution whenever the lancet needle is exposed (source: Diabetes UK Shop).
  • Caution, keep the old injector that came with the FreeStyle Meter, as it is compatible with the lancet (source: CVS customer review).
  • Select single-use lancets that permanently retract upon puncture for infection prevention during blood glucose monitoring and insulin injections (source: CDC).
  • Consult a healthcare professional before using the Lancets (source: FreeStyle Lancets product descriptions).
  • Dispose of used lancets properly to prevent injuries (source: CDC).
  • Adverse events related to medical devices may vary from person to person, and if you experience any discomfort or adverse reaction, you should consult your healthcare provider (source: general medical knowledge).

Note that these cautions may not be comprehensive, and you should always use medical devices according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer or your healthcare provider.

Form and Strengths

Freestyle Lancets is available in the following form and strengths:

  • Freestyle Lancets Test Strips:
    • No dose


What are FreeStyle Lancets, and how are they used?

FreeStyle Lancets are medical devices used to puncture the skin to obtain a small blood sample for glucose testing.

They are used with a lancing device, and a spring-loaded mechanism causes the lancet to quickly pierce the skin, allowing the blood sample to be collected.

Are FreeStyle Lancets safe to use?

Yes, when used properly, FreeStyle Lancets are safe to use. Follow the instructions for use and properly dispose of the lancet after use.

Do FreeStyle Lancets cause pain?

While there may be some minor discomfort when using a lancet, in general, they should not be painful. A lancing device can be used to adjust the depth of the puncture, which can help minimize discomfort.

How often should I change my lancet?

Change your lancet after each use to help reduce the risk of infection and ensure accurate blood glucose testing.

Where can I buy FreeStyle Lancets?

FreeStyle Lancets can be purchased at a variety of retailers, including pharmacies and online stores.

Are FreeStyle Lancets covered by insurance?

Coverage for FreeStyle Lancets may vary depending on the specific insurance plan. It is important to check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.



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Freestyle Lancets

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Lancets – non Rx

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Freestyle Lancets



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