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Imuran Uses 

Imuran medication contains azathioprine, an immunosuppressant that lowers the immune system and is usually used in autoimmune diseases. Azathioprine inhibits the purine synthesis, which is needed to produce RNA and DNA to produce white blood cells; white blood cells are responsible for fighting infections and diseases. This medication suppresses the blood cells that cause inflammations and is prescribed in different conditions such as: 

  • Imuran is prescribed to treat rheumatoid arthritis RA, a condition in which the body mistakenly attacks healthy joints; this medicine weakens the immune system to prevent further damage. 
  • It is also prescribed adjunct with other medications to prevent transplant rejection in people who have received a new kidney. The body usually attacks the transplanted organ as they see it as a threat or invader; this medicine weakens the immune system to help the body accept the new organ. 
  • A doctor may also prescribe Imuran for Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis as off-label use. Both conditions are inflammatory bowel disease; Chron’s disease can occur between the mouth and anus, while ulcerative colitis is limited to the colon. This medication reduces inflammations and swelling and decreases the long-term need for steroids. 

Imuran Dosing 

Azathioprine is a prescription drug based on the medical condition, weight, and response to the treatment; ensure to tell your doctor all other medicines you are taking to avoid drug interactions. Imuran 50 mg and 25 mg is available in tablet forms taken once or twice a day with food to prevent stomach upset. The prescriptions listed here are the usual dose given; if prescribed differently, follow how it is instructed, for doctors may adjust the dose as needed.  

  • For a kidney transplant, 3 to 5 mg/kg/day is given as a single dose on the day of the transplant or sometimes 1 to 3 days before the transplant.  
  • For rheumatoid arthritis, 1 mg/kg/day is given as a single dose or in two divided doses, with a maximum of 2.5 mg/kg/day if needed. 
  • For Chron’s Disease, 2mg to 3 mg is given once a day. 
  • For ulcerative colitis, 1.5 mg to 2.5 mg/kg/day is given. 

Taking azathioprine at the same time every day can help attain the benefits; if a dose is missed, take it as soon as remembered, but if it is near the following intake schedule, skip the missed dose, for double dosing is discouraged. 

Imuran Side Effects 

Temporary hair loss, nausea, and vomiting are the common side effects of this medicine; if they persist or worsen, call your doctor and ask for medical advice. Take notes that the side effects included here are not the complete list. 

Serious side effects may also occur; inform your doctor immediately if you experience diarrhea or new or worsening joint or muscle pain. 

Get medical help right away if a severe allergic reaction occurs with a skin rash, itchiness, swelling, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. 

Imuran Precautions 

Before using Imuran, disclose your medical history to your doctor, especially kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, or particular enzyme disorder. 

Imuran can increase the risk of developing a brain infection; get medical help if you have experience clumsiness, loss of coordination, weakness, sudden changes in thinking, difficulty in walking, seizures, or vision change. 

This medicine can also increase the risk of having skin cancer; tell your doctor right away if you have unusual skin changes, unusual growth or lumps, swollen lymph nodes, swollen abdomen, unexplained weight loss, or night sweats. Limit exposure to the sun; use sunscreen and wear protective clothing when outside. 

Azathioprine can also decrease bone marrow function that can lead to anemia. Inform your doctor right away if any of the following occur: unusual tiredness, pale skin, signs of infections, or easily bruised. 

This drug can be easily absorbed through the skin and lungs; people who are not taking this medication, especially pregnant women, should not handle this. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-Am I allowed to take vaccines while taking Imuran? 

Inform your health care provider before getting any vaccine; live vaccines should not be administered while taking this medication. Your body is weakened, and the virus on the vaccine may harm you. 

-Can Imuran be passed on through breast milk? 

Yes, this medicine can be passed through breastmilk and can harm the infant; consult your doctor before breastfeeding. 

-How long before Imuran works on rheumatoid arthritis? 

It may take up to two months before achieving improvements; inform your doctor if nothing has changed in the 3rd month of treatment. 

-Is it okay to take alcohol while taking Imuran? 

Avoid alcohol while in this medication, for it can increase the risk of side effects and damage the liver. 

-How much is the price of this medication? 

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