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Incruse Ellipta

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Formulation : Powder Inhalation
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Incruse Ellipta 62.5mcg 30doses $72.30 Add To Cart
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Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 30doses
Price: $72.30
Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 60doses
Price: $131.20
Incruse Ellipta
Dosage: 62.5mcg
Quantity: 90doses
Price: $188.10

Incruse Ellipta, a brand-name prescription drug, is used to treat adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a lung condition that creates breathing difficult. It is caused by a variety of diseases, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.  

This medication is designed as a long-term COPD treatment. It helps to decrease the symptoms of the sickness over time when used on a daily basis. In contrast, This medication is not a rescue inhaler. It should also not be used to treat acute respiratory problems.  

Is Incruse Ellipta a Steroid   

This medication is not a steroid.    

Incruse Ellipta contains the anticholinergic drug umeclidinium. Anticholinergics relax your airways, making it easier to breathe. Breathing becomes easier, and COPD symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are reduced.  

Incruse Ellipta: How to Use   

Before you start taking Incruse Ellipta for the first time, ask your doctor or pharmacist for instructions. You may also view an instructional video on the manufacturer’s website.  

Checklist of steps:  

  1. Take a look at the dose counter. (Do not shake at any time.)  
  1. Push the cover all the way down until you hear a click.  
  1. Take a slow exhale (away from inhaler)  
  1. To create a good seal, close your lips and insert the mouthpiece in your mouth. (Do not restrict the air vent with your fingers.)  
  1. Inhale slowly and deeply.  
  1. Hold your breath for 5 seconds, or as long as you’re comfortable.  
  1. While you hold your breath, remove the inhaler from your mouth.  
  1. Take a deep breath in and gently exhale.  

Incruse Ellipta Dosing   

Incruse Ellipta is a powder that is inhaled with an inhaler once a day. Only one strength is available: 62.5 mcg.  

Take this drug at the same time every day if possible. This will ensure that you have the correct amount and also permits the medication to effectively treat your COPD symptoms.  

Within a 24-hour period, you should not take more than one dosage of Incruse Ellipta.  

Side Effects   


  • Joint pain   
  • Cough   
  • Upper respiratory infections   
  • Stuffy or runny nose   
  • Throat pain   
  • Change in taste   
  • Muscle pain   
  • Tooth ache   
  • Belly pain   
  • Increase in heart rate   
  • Irregular heartbeat   
  • Skin bruising   


  • Unexpected bronchospasm   
  • Eye problems   
  • Urinary retention   
  • Severe allergic reaction   

This medication has the potential to produce significant side effects. For any serious side effects you may experience, call your doctor or phone 911 or your local emergency number right away.  

These aren’t the only negative consequences of using it. Other, maybe more uncommon side effects should be discussed with your doctor and pharmacist. Inform your doctor for any allergies you have, medications you are on, and any previous health conditions, before using this drug.   

Incruse Ellipta Price: How Much Does Incruse Ellipta Cost  in Canada 

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Additional information

Brand Name:

Incruse Ellipta

Scientific Name:

Umeclidinium Bromide

Other Names:

Incruse Ellipta



Quantities Available:

30doses, 60doses, 90doses


Powder Inhalation