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Locholest is a prescription medication that is used in the treatment of high cholesterol, to lower the risk of clogged arteries and heart disease. Locholest is specifically formulated to target LDL cholesterol, which is usually known as the bad form of cholesterol.

Locholest should be stored in its original container. Keep Locholest at room temperature and in an area that is protected from moisture and heat.

Before taking this medication, talk to your doctor if you have: chronic constipation; liver disease; kidney disease; diabetes; or a thyroid disorder. Your doctor may have to adjust your dosage in order for you to safely take this medication. If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before you begin taking Locholest.

Locholest is only one component of controlling cholesterol levels. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding exercise and diet, in order to effectively treat your condition.

Patient Family Information  : Locholest is a prescription medication that should be taken in the exact fashion that is outlined in your prescription. If your prescription is unclear, contact your healthcare provider for more information. Locholest should generally be taken orally with meals and additionally accompanied by a full glass of water. Locholest can also be mixed with broth soup, crushed pineapple, or applesauce. When taking Locholest, measure doses with the provided measuring spoon or cup.

Do not take Locholest if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. If you have a blockage in your stomach or intestines, do not take Locholest.

Sever Side Effects : Severe Side Effects: blood in your urine; severe stomach pain; ongoing constipation; feeling short of breath; black, bloody, or tarry stools; or easy bruising or bleeding.

Common Side Effects: mild constipation, diarrhea; stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite, weight changes; bloating or gas; hiccups or a sour taste in your mouth; skin rash or itching; irritation of your tongue; itching or irritation around your rectal are

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