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What is Nuvaring 

Nuvaring (etonogestrel-Ethinyl estradiol) is a vaginal ring that contains two hormones; progestin and Ethinylestradiol. Nuvaring is indicated for vaginal use only to prevent pregnancy. It can also be prescribed to prevent endometrial hyperplasia and symptoms of secondary amenorrhea. 

How Does Nuvaring Work 

Nuvaring prevents the release of egg cells during the menstrual cycle and makes the vaginal fluid thicker to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg cells. It can also change the lining of the uterus to prevent the attachment of a fertilized egg. Nuvaring constantly releases a low dose of hormone in 0.12mg/0.15mg daily enough for over three weeks. This vaginal ring is hormonal birth control, but it is not protected against sexually transmitted diseases. 

How to Insert Nuvaring 

Before starting using Nuvaring, read the leaflet provided, a health care provider may also teach you about inserting and removing Nuvaring. Wash and dry your hands before opening the foil pouch; press the side of the ring, fold it in half and gently insert it inside your vagina until you feel comfortable; once in place, keep it inside for three weeks. After three weeks, remove the ring by gently pulling it out; if having trouble removing the ring into your vagina, ask for medical help from your ob-gyn. Allow one week without the ring inside; your period should start within 2 to 3 days of the ring-free week. Put a new ring after one week at the same time and day you removed the old ring; this even your period is not yet finished. Do not let one week pass by without inserting a new ring, for you will not be protected from getting pregnant. 

For first-time users, using additional birth control for the first seven days is recommended to allow the ring to work. Still, the diaphragm, female condoms, and cervical caps should not be used, for they may interfere with the placement of the ring. However, if you inserted the ring during your menstruation period, there is no need for a backup method. 

Regularly check the ring before and after intercourse, for it may fall out during the intercourse, bowel movement, and removing tampons. If it falls out within three hours, wash the Nuvaring with cool to lukewarm water and reinsert it, but if it falls out more than three hours, you may not be protected against pregnancy; reinsert the Nuvaring or insert a new one, you may use additional birth control for the next seven days. If you are not aware of how long the ring falls out, you may use extra birth control and ask your doctor for a pregnancy test. If you are having trouble remembering when you inserted and removed the Nuvaring, you may talk to your health care provider to switch to other birth control methods such as birth control pills.  

Nuvaring Side Effects 

Vaginal discomfort, spotting, weight changes, swelling (feet or ankles), breast tenderness, bloating, headache, vomiting, and nausea are the common side effect of this vaginal ring; tell your doctor promptly if they persist or worsen. Take note that the side effect of Nuvaring listed here is not the complete list. 

 Serious side effects may also occur; tell your doctor immediately if any of the lists below is experienced: 

  • Breast lumps 
  • Mood changes 
  • Severe stomach pain 
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding 
  • Dark urine 
  • Yellowing (skin or eyes) 

Get medical help right away if anything listed below occurs: 

  • Severe allergic reaction accompanied by a rash, itchiness, swelling, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing. 
  • Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome include sudden high fever, fainting, sunburn-like rash unusual muscle pain, and severe dizziness. 
  •  left arm, chest, or jaw pain 
  • Confusion 
  • Troubled speaking 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Vision problem 
  • Weakness on one side of the body 
  • Warmth in the groin of calf 

This vaginal ring should not be used by women with liver diseases such as acute viral hepatitis and severe cirrhosis and those with liver tumors. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-How much is Nuvaring price? 

Without insurance, this hormonal birth control ring may cost higher than the usual birth control pills. You can safely buy this vaginal ring at Canada Prescription Plus at a competitive price lower than other local and online pharmacies. 

-Can Nuvaring cause weight gain? 

This vaginal ring does not cause weight gain, but the feeling of bloatedness and water retention can give the feeling of gaining weight. 

-What if I forgot to remove the ring after three weeks? 

An extra week of the ring inside the vagina is still safe; that will mean it’s inside for four weeks; you’ll still have to allow one week off then put a new ring on. More than a week extension of the ring inside will no longer be effective and increases the risk of getting pregnant. 

-How much is the price of this medication? 

You may check the pricing of this product by clicking here. 


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