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One Touch Delica Lancets

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Formulation : Lancets
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One Touch Delica Lancets
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These lancets are intended for use with the OneTouch Delica lancing device for blood glucose testing in people with diabetes. They are available in two gauges (30G and 33G), with the 33G lancets being the extra fine variant.

The OneTouch website indicates that the Delica lancets are designed to minimize pain during blood glucose testing, and a clinical evaluation study found that the original OneTouch Delica lancer reduced the pain of testing.

Use and Dosage

The appropriate dose or depth setting of the lancets can be adjusted based on the individual’s skin type and the desired blood sample size.

The instructions for setting the depth of the lancet can be found in the manual provided with the lancing device. Consult with a healthcare provider to determine the appropriate depth setting for the lancet.

Here is an example of instructions for using OneTouch Delica Lancets:

  • Turn the depth selector dial on the lancing device to the appropriate depth.
  • Remove the protective cap from the lancet.
  • Insert the lancet into the lancing device until it clicks into place.
  • Place the lancing device firmly against the side of a clean fingertip and press the release button to obtain a blood sample.
  • After obtaining the blood sample, safely dispose of the lancet, following local regulations for sharps disposal.

Carefully follow the instructions provided for the specific lancing device and lancets being used and consult with a healthcare provider if additional guidance is needed.

Side Effects

OneTouch Delica Lancets do not typically have any serious side effects. However, some people may experience mild discomfort or pain during the lancing process. In addition, as with any medical device that punctures the skin, there is a risk of infection if the lancet or lancing device is not used properly or if proper hygiene practices are not followed.

If you experience any unusual side effects or signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or pus at the lancing site, contact a healthcare provider right away.

Follow the instructions provided with the lancets and lancing device and properly dispose of used lancets by local regulations for sharps disposal.


Here are some cautions to consider when using the One Touch Delica Lancets:

  • Single Use: The One Touch Delica Lancets are designed for single use only. Reusing the lancet can cause injury or infection.
  • Use with the OneTouch Delica Lancing Device: The One Touch Delica Lancets should be used only with the OneTouch Delica Lancing Device. Using the Lancets with other devices may not provide accurate results or cause injury.
  • Do Not Share Lancets or Lancing Devices: Sharing Lancets or Lancing Devices with others can lead to the transmission of infections or diseases.
  • Keep the Lancet Sterile: To avoid contamination and infection, it is important to keep the Lancets sterile until use.
  • Use Proper Disposal Method: After using the Lancet, dispose of it in a sharps container or according to local regulations. Do not throw the Lancet in the trash or flush it down the toilet.

Form and Strengths

One-touch delica lancets is available in the following form and strengths:

  • One touch delica lancets:
    • No dose


What size are the Delica lancets?

The lancets are 33 gauges.

Are the Delica lancets compatible with other lancing devices?

No, the Delica lancets are designed specifically for use with the OneTouch Delica lancing device.

How do I use the Delica lancing device and lancets?

The OneTouch website provides instructions on how to use the Delica lancing device and lancets.



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One Touch Delica Lancets

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Lancets – non Rx

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One Touch Delica Lancets



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