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Promacta Mechanism of Action 

Eltrombopag is the active ingredient of this medication, a thrombopoietin receptor agonist. It binds to a protein called the thrombopoietin receptor to stimulate the production of platelets to prevent bleeding problems; it induces the proliferation of bone marrow stem cells. 

What is Promacta Used For? 

This medication is used in treating low platelet count in different conditions like listed below. 

  • Promacta for ITP – Immune thrombocytopenia ITP is a condition of deficient platelets resulting in excessive bruising and bleeding, causing purple bruises and tiny red or purple dots that look like a rash. This condition is caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking and destroying the naturally produced platelet of the body.
  • HCV Hepatitis C virus – patients with chronic hepatitis has an inflamed liver due to a viral infection; this medication is only prescribed when low- blood platelet keeps them from starting or continuing interferon-based therapy.
  • SAA Severe aplastic anemia – in this condition, production of new blood cells is stopped leading to fatigue, being prone to infections, and uncontrolled bleeding. It is caused by the damaged stem cells due to the immune system attacking the stem cell in the bone marrow. 

Promacta may increase platelet counts to lower the risk of bleeding, but it does not make the platelet count rise to the average count. 

Promacta Dose 

This medication is prescribed based on the patient’s medical condition, other medicine, age, and response to treatment. Promacta 50 mg is the usual dose given to patients; different strengths available are 25mg and 75 mg that is swallowed whole, not crushed, cut, or chewed taken once a day without food regard. Your doctor will be the one to tell which form will be best for your condition, as well as the dose and length of medication. Regular use will help attain the most benefit of this medicine, take it at the same time of the day every day; if a dose is missed, let it be, and ensure to take the next dose next day, do not take more than one dose within 24 hours.  

Here is the usual prescription for such conditions: 

  • ITP in adults and pediatrics age six and above – usual start dose is 50mg once daily; if the patient is an Asian ancestry, the amount should be reduced to 25mg once daily. Pediatrics of 1 to 5 years old are given 25 mg once a day. 
  • HCV – usual dose is 25mg once daily adjusted every two weeks by a doctor to meet the desired platelet goal; the maximum dose per day is 100mg. 
  • SAA – usual dose is 150mg once a day for six months; if the patient is Asian, 75mg for six months is prescribed. 
  • SAA refractory – usual dose is 50mg a day; if Asian patients, 25mg a day is prescribed. 

Promacta Side Effects 

Anemia, nausea, fever, cough, abnormal liver function, tiredness, headache, diarrhea, muscle pain, and numbness are the common side effects of this medication; this is not the complete list of side effects; if any persists or worsens, tell your doctor. 

Serious side effects listed below may also occur; tell your doctor right away if any is experienced: 

  • Increased risk of worsening the condition to leukemia
  • High platelet count with risk of a blood clot
  • New or worsened cataract
  • Vision change 

Nplate vs Promacta 

Both medicines are thrombopoietin that increases the production of platelets. Nplate has romiplostim in a vial form of 250mg and 500mg strength given intravenously once a week, while this medication has eltrombopag in oral powder and pills taken once a day. They share common side effects, but joint pain, belly pain, indigestion, dizziness, bronchitis, and sinusitis are seen in Nplate, while Promacta shows UTI, rash, back pain, and fatigue.  

Promacta is more cost-effective than Nplate; only a few clinical trials are comparing these two medicines, but Nplate shows fewer adverse side effects than Promacta, which has mild to moderate adverse reactions. Some clinical studies indicate that Nplate is slightly more effective than Promacta for ITP, but reviews found that Promacta is a reasonable alternative to Nplate; note that your doctor will help you identify which medicines are better for your condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-Can you take Promacta with food? 

It can be taken with or without food, but with an interval of 2 hours before or 4 hours after if taking medicine like antacids, mineral supplements, and food high in calcium. 

-How long before Promacta starts to increase platelet levels? 

The start of platelet increased level varies per condition but will usually start to improve within one to two weeks of treatment. 

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