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What is Singulair? 

Singulair generic is Montelukast – it is a leukotriene receptor antagonist, a group of medications that help prevent breathing problems associated with allergies, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It is a prevention and treatment of chronic asthma. This medicine helps lessen the use of a quick-relief inhaler but take note that it is not for immediate relief from a sudden asthma attack. It is also used to treat EIB Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction, a condition where airways in the lungs are narrowing due to strenuous activities resulting in shortness of breath; usually during or after exercise.  

This medication also helps relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis for both seasonal and perennial. It soothes the inflammation of the inside of the nose caused by allergens. Singulair works to treat these conditions by blocking leukotrienes, an inflammatory chemical released by the body after contact with allergens. This chemical causes the tightening of airway muscles and produces excess mucus and fluids making it difficult to breathe.  

This medicine can be recommended for people who fail to be treated or could not tolerate other medications. 

How to use Singulair 

Singulair comes in different strengths and prescription is based on one’s condition and age.  

Singulair 10 mg comes in a brown tablet form, it is not recommended for ages less than 15 years old. The chewable tablet in 5mg is for 6-14 years old while 4mg is for 2-5 years old. An oral granule Singulair is also available in a 4mg child-resistant foil packet, this is for 6months to 5 years old. This oral granule can be taken directly in the mouth or mixed with 5ml of breast milk. Do not use any other liquid drink for mixing, drinking other liquids is allowed after the intake of the mixture. Apple sauce and soft foods such as mashed carrots, rice, and ice cream can also be mixed to it but should not be stored for the next use. Make sure to intake all the mixture within 15 minutes after preparation. Singulair can be taken with or without food intake. The usual recommendation of intake for Singulair is at night but it will still depend on your treatment. For asthma and allergies, it should be taken at night. If it is to prevent allergy it can be taken in the morning or at night. For a breathing problem, it should be taken 2 hours before the exercise. Do not overlap the intake of this medication, if you already take one for allergies or asthma do not take another for exercise. In case of a missed dose, let it be and take your next dose at the next regular time. It is not recommended to take 2 doses within 24 hours. 

Singulair Cost 

The cost of this medication may vary depending on the strength you are purchasing. A prescription is needed when buying this medication. You can safely buy Singulair from at a competitive price. 

Singulair Side Effects 

Here are some common side effects of this medicine. Take note that this is not the complete list. If any of these worsen inform your doctor right away. 

  • Fever 
  • Headache 
  • Sore throat 
  • Cough 
  • Stomach pain 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Runny nose 

Severe side effects may also be experienced such as throat closing, difficulty in breathing, numbness, stuttering, and uncontrolled muscle movements. If this happens call your doctor for medical assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-Why is it usually recommended to take this medication at night? 

    This medicine is said to exert an increased action at night but depending on the treatment you are having; your doctor may prescribe a morning intake for it. Another factor is that asthma symptoms tend to be worst at night. 

-How long before this medication works? 

     Effects of this medicine are noticed after the first dose but in some cases, it works overtime. It can take up to a week before noticing some changes in your symptoms. 

-Can this medication make you sleepy? 

    Singulair is not considered an antihistamine so it should not make you sleepy after the intake. Drowsiness is a side effect of antihistamines and Singulair works differently from them. 

-Can I stop taking this medication at any time? 

    Sudden stop of intake of this medicine doesn’t cause any withdrawal effect but it is advised to talk to your health care provider first. 

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