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Fesoterodine Fumarate

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Toviaz uses 

Toviaz is a medication used to treat overactive bladder symptoms such as urine frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence. 

Urinary frequency: The need to urinate abnormally frequently throughout the day. 

Urinary Urgency: Occurs when the pressure in the bladder suddenly builds, inducing the need to urinate that comes on quickly and is difficult to hold in 

Urge incontinence: This term describes the inability to hold the bladder when the urge to urinate sets in. 

How does Toviaz work? 

This belongs to the class of medications known as anticholinergics, which are neurotransmitter inhibitors that block the function of acetylcholine (ACh) at their receptor sites.  

ACh is a chemical produced in the body that is responsible for provoking various parasympathetic responses in the body. There are two kinds of molecules that ACh can act on: nicotinic and muscarinic receptors.  

This medication is part of the subclass of antimuscarinics, which means that they bind to and prevent ACh from acting on the muscarinic receptor sites. These receptors are responsible for the parasympathetic responses of dilating blood vessels, contracting smooth muscles, slowing heart rate, and promoting body secretions (saliva, etc.). 

Notably, muscarinic receptors are responsible for the process which constricts the muscles in the urinary bladder controlling urination. This is why the antimuscarinic effects of Toviaz provide therapeutic relief for patients suffering from symptoms of an overactive bladder.  

Toviaz Side Effects 

Gastrointestinal side effects:  

  • Dry mouth, 
  • Constipation, 
  • Dyspepsia (pain/discomfort in the stomach/upper abdomen),  
  • Nausea, and 
  • Weight gain or loss occurring suddenly 


  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), and 
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs). 

Optical side effects: 

  • Dry eyes, and 
  • Blurred vision 

Bladder and kidney-related side effects: 

  • Urinary retention (inability to properly or fully urinate), and 
  • Dysuria (burning, tingling, or stinging of the urethra especially after urinating). 

Note: Toviaz’s side effects in elderly patients may come with an increased risk of renal impairment and kidney-related dysfunctions.  

Psychiatric disorders: 

  • Insomnia. 

Skin side effects: 

  • Rashes, 
  • Angioedema (allergic reaction), 
  • Urticaria (hives), and 
  • Pruritus (itchy, dry skin). 

Nervous system: 

  • Dizziness, 
  • Headache, and 
  • Drowsiness. 

Toviaz Doses 

The starting dose is recommended as one Toviaz 4 mg tablet per day. The maximum dose is one Toviaz 8 mg tablet per day, and the initial dosage may be increased to the maximum at your doctor’s discretion.  

If you have a history or are at risk of impaired renal or hepatic function, there may be a higher risk of dangerous side effects developing from the use of this drug, and it is inadvisable to exceed the initial dosage. Always communicate with your doctor to find out what works best if this applies to you. 

This prescription drug is a tablet that should be swallowed whole with water, with or without food. Do NOT chew tablets. If this tablet is chewed, crushed, cut, or ruptured in any way, it should not be taken under any circumstance. 

Toviaz is an extended or prolonged-release drug, meaning its effects will continue long after swallowing it than other medications.  

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible unless it’s almost time for the next dose. If you waited too long, simply skip the missed dose and carry on as normal. Do not increase the dose to make up for a missed dose. 

Drug interactions 

Toviaz has interactions with concomitant use of: 

  • Similar drugs (antimuscarinic/anticholinergic)  
  • Drugs for fungal infections  
  • Drugs to treat ulcers or acid reflux (GERD)  
  • Drugs for bacterial infections  
  • Drugs for some types of cancer  
  • Drugs for depression  
  • Antipsychotics   

For a complete list of drug interactions, you may ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you are taking medications for these conditions or any other medications, always tell your doctor before using this medication and monitor your health for adverse interactions.  

Toviaz is contraindicated in those who: 

  • Cannot empty their bladder fully (urinary retention) 
  • Have delayed emptying of the stomach (gastric retention) 
  • Have or are at risk for narrow-angle glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye) 
  • Have a hypersensitivity or allergy to Fesoterodine or any of the non-active ingredients in Toviaz. 
  • Have an allergy to lactose, peanuts, or soya. 


Store in a dry place safe from moisture damage kept at room temperature (15°C-25°C) (59°F-77°F).  

Do not use this medication after the expiry date has passed. 

Toviaz should be kept out of reach and sight of children.  

Additional information

Brand Name:


Scientific Name:

Fesoterodine Fumarate

Other Names:

Fesoterodine Fumarate, Toviaz


4mg, 8mg

Quantities Available:

28, 30, 84, 90


Prolonged Release Tablet, Tablet