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Travatan Z Eyedrops

Prescription Required
Formulation : Eye drops
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Travatan Z Eyedrops 0.004% 5mL $105.10 Add To Cart
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Travatan Z Eyedrops
Dosage: 0.004%
Quantity: 5mL
Price: $105.10
Travatan Z Eyedrops
Dosage: 0.004%
Quantity: 10mL
Price: $151.50

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Prescription Required
Formulation : Eye drops
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Travoprost 0.004% 3mL $35.20 Add To Cart
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Dosage: 0.004%
Quantity: 3mL
Price: $35.20
Dosage: 0.004%
Quantity: 9mL
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What is Travatan Z Eyedrops? 

This eyedrop is used to treat excessive eye pressure caused by glaucoma or other eye disorders. It accomplishes this by controlling the flow of fluids in the eyes and ensuring that ocular pressure remains normal. While it is not required, Travatan Z storage in the fridge is popular since it is easier to feel the drops in your eye when they are cold.

Travatan Z Directions 

This medicine is applied to the eyes. Wash your hands properly & remove your contact lenses if you wear them before using them. Certain components of this medicine can be absorbed by contact lenses. Before putting contact lenses back in, wait at least fifteen minutes.

Tilt the head slightly back and look up to use this eyedrop. Pull down your lower lid to create a pouch at the bottom of your eye socket. Apply one drop to the afflicted eye. Close your eyes and gaze down, exerting pressure to the inner corner of your eye with your finger to keep it from draining. Keep your eyes shut for a minute or two. If necessary, repeat the process with the opposite eye.

To avoid infection, avoid touching or rinsing the dropper. When it’s not in use, keep the cap on it. Other eye medicines should be used after waiting at least five minutes. Before using ointments, apply eye drops. For optimum effects, use it on a regular basis. Many patients with glaucoma and other eye disorders may not show any signs or symptoms.

Travatan Z Dosage

The Travatan Z bottle size ranges from 3mL to 5mL, with a strength of Travatan Z 0.004%.

Consult your prescribing doctor if you have an eye infection, damage, or surgery. Regardless of how much is left in the current bottle, you could be requested to start a new one.

The usage of Travoprost eyedrop may result in hazy vision. Wait until it is safe to drive, operate machinery, or engage in other tasks that require alertness or clear eyesight.

Travatan Z Cautions

Talk to your prescribing doctor before using if you have a history of:  

  • Medical allergies   
  • Eye problems  

Consult your prescribing doctor before using this medicine if you are pregnant or nursing. Breast milk is a good place to look for it. Other eye medicines may interact with Travoprost eyedrop.

Travatan Z Eyedrops Side Effects 

Common side effects:   

  • Blurred vision   
  • Eye redness/discomfort/itching   
  • Feeling something in the eye   
  • Dry eyes
  • Tearing
  • Eyelid crusting
  • Increase in eyelash number/length/thickness
  • Darkening of eyelids/lashes
  • Eyelid changes
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Brown discoloration of the iris 

Serious side effects:   

  • Vision changes   
  • Eye pain
  • Swelling/redness of eyelids
  • Allergic reaction 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between Travatan and Travatan Z? 

These variants contain the same active ingredients. The difference mainly lies in the preservative that they contain. While regular Travatan contains benzalkonium chloride, the Z version has SOFZIA, which is an ionic-buffered preservative system that is not toxic.

How does Travatan Z work? 

The exact mechanism of action of this ophthalmic solution is not exactly known. But it is thought to lessen the pressure in the eye by improving the uveoscleral outflow.

Why is Travatan Z used at night? 

Most physicians recommend administering this eyedrops in the evening. This is for the reason that you can avoid the side effects when you apply this medication before bedtime.

How long does a bottle of Travatan Z last? 

A bottle of this eyedrop can last for 2-3 weeks or more than a month. This varies on every patient, depending on how often you use it and the dosage that your doctor prescribed. 

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Travatan Z Eyedrops

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Other Names:

Lupitros-Z, Travatan Z Eyedrops



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3mL, 5mL, 9mL, 10mL


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