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Latanoprost is the generic name of Xalatan, a class of medication called prostaglandin agonist that regulates the activity of prostaglandin, a compound that is found throughout the body including the eye that regulates intraocular pressure and mediates inflammation. It works by increasing the outflow of Aqueous humor in the eyes. 

Xalatan Uses 

Xalatan is used to treat ocular hypertension, a condition where the IOP Intraocular Pressure is higher than the usual level. IOP is the fluid pressure in the eye that supports the shape of the eyes which helps us to see, a high pressure means a high risk of damage in optical nerves. Xalatan works to treat this condition by regulating the flow of liquid in the eyes to lower the pressure. 

Xalatan for Glaucoma 

Occular hypertension if left untreated will lead to glaucoma, a condition that damages the optic nerves and slowly causes loss of vision. Xalatan is also used to control this condition especially open-angle glaucoma. This is a type of glaucoma where the drainage angle formed by the cornea and iris remains open but the trabecular mesh (responsible for draining the aqueous humor in eyes) is partially blocked. Our body produces the liquid regularly in the eyes and the old liquids are meant to be drained, if not then the old liquid will build up causing the blockage. Xalatan decreases the liquid in the eyes and allows the liquid to drain. Remember that this medicine is used to control but not cure glaucoma. 

How to use Xalatan 

Xalatan is used topically, it is an eyedropper that is available in 2.5 ml. The usual use of this is one drop preferably at night, but depending on your medical condition your doctor may prescribe additional drops but a 5 minutes interval is a must.  

Before using the dropper make sure to wash your hands and not touch the tip so it won’t be contaminated. Tilt your head and let one drop fall in your lower eyelid then close your eyes and gently put pressure over the inside corner of your eyes to make sure that the drop is absorbed. Keep the open eyedrop in a refrigerator to stabilize the chemical structure, if you have an unopened one you may keep it a room temperature.  

The use of Xalatan should be consistent to attain the best benefit from it, applying it on a regular schedule is advised. In case you missed the scheduled time, let it be and proceed the use to your next scheduled time. Having two doses to make up for the missed one is not recommended.  

If you are using a contact lens remove it before using the eyedrop and allow 15 minutes before putting it back. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for your safety and the effectiveness of the medicine.  

Xalatan Side Effects 

Common side effects may occur while using this medicine but this is not the complete list. 

  • Blurred Vision 
  • Watery eyes 
  • Burning or stinging sensation 
  • More sensitivity to lights 
  • Eyelid skin darkening 
  • Changes in the eyelashes 

Call your doctor if side effects worsen or if serious side effects occur such as oozing or eye discharge, chest pain, vision change, and eye swelling.  

Xalatan Eye Drops Price 

The price may vary depending on your dose. A prescription is needed when buying this medicine and it is not available over the counter. You may try Canada Prescription Plus home delivery and check the competitive prices on this site. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Why is it recommended to use Xalatan at night? 

  • Studies show that the use of this medication is more pronounced at night and gives a greater pressure reduction for daytime.  

Why do you have to wait 5 minutes between eye drops? 

  • A 5minutes interval is required to allow the absorption of the 1st drop and not to be washed out in the 2nd drop.  

What happens when you stop using this medication? 

  • Abruptly stopping any medication is not advisable, you should always consult your doctor even if you are feeling better. Changes in Eyelids and eyelashes may become permanent after using this medicine. 

How long does it take for Xalatan medication to work? 

  • Within 3-4 hours after the use of eyedrop, the pressure in the eye will start to reduce and the full effect is after 8-12 hours. Reduce pressure will last for 24hours.

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