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What is Asacol?  

This aminosalicylate anti-Inflammatory medication is used to treat ulcerative colitis. It does this by reducing the symptoms such as diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and stomach pain. This medication also reduces the swelling of the colon. The generic name for it is Mesalamine.  

Asacol Dosage and Usage 

The medication comes in the form of tablets that contain Asacol 400mg each. This is based on condition, response, and for children is based on weight.  

Asacol is orally administered, typically two tablets three times a day depending on the patient’s dosage. The medicine can be taken with or without meals. It must be taken whole, do not crush, chew, or break the tablet. Ensure to drink lots of liquids to prevent kidney stones. For the best results, use this medication regularly.  

Do not switch brands while taking this medication without consulting a doctor. Different brands of these medications have different dosages and may have different usage instructions.  

Lialda vs Asacol  

These two medications are very similar in the way they affect the body and other medications. The difference is the dosage and how often the medications are taken throughout the day. Asacol is taken whole three times a day, while Lialda is only taken once.  Lialda needs to be taken with food.  

How to Use 

Before use, consult a doctor if you have a history of:  

  • Kidney disease  
  • Liver disease  
  • Stomach blockage 

Those that are taking this medication may become more sensitive to the sun. It’s recommended to limit sun exposure and to take protective measures such as sunscreen and long-sleeved shirts. Too much sun exposure could lead to regular effects such as sunburn, as well as more serious effects such as redness or even blisters.  

In the case of any procedures, consult a doctor or dentist about the medications being taken and their effect on the procedure.  

Do not take this medication with Aspirin if under the age of eighteen or if you have a lowered immune system. The medications are very similar and can cause interactions such as the raised risk of serious illness.  

If pregnant or breastfeeding, only use this medication if absolutely required. It passes into breastmilk and can be harmful to infants.  

This medication may affect lab test such as urine test by giving false results.  

Possible interactions include:  

  • Dichlorphenamide  
  • Balsalazide  
  • Olsalazide  
  • Sulfasalazide 

Asacol Side Effects  


  • Stomach upset  
  • Nausea/vomiting  
  • Constipation  
  • Headache  
  • Joint/muscle pain  
  • Whole/partial tablets/capsules in stool 


  • Worsening symptoms  
  • Kidney problems  
  • Dark urine  
  • Persistent nausea/vomiting  
  • Severe stomach/abdominal pain  
  • Yellowing eyes/skin  
  • Chest pain  
  • Shortness of breath  
  • Allergic reaction 

Asacol Price  

The price of Asacol varies based on the dosage and amount. More information may be found at the top of the page. 

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Asacol, Mesacol



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