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Caverject Kit

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Caverject Kit
Dosage: 20mcg
Quantity: 6syr
Price: $245.50
Caverject Kit
Dosage: 20mcg
Quantity: 8syr
Price: $325.20
Caverject Kit
Dosage: 20mcg
Quantity: 10syr
Price: $405.10

Caverject Injection 

Alprostadil is the active ingredient of this Caverject, which belongs to the prostaglandins class. It is a synthetic prostaglandin that acts the same as the natural one found in the body that deals with injury and illness by controlling inflammation, blood flow, and blood clots. This medication is prescribed to patients with erectile dysfunction to get and keep an erection suitable for intercourse. ED erectile dysfunction is a condition of men where he is unable or cannot regularly attain a full erection.  

Caverject increases the blood flow to the penis by trapping the blood to corpora cavernosa (a spongy erectile tissue) to overflow, leading to swelling and making the penis erect. This medication can be used alone or prescribed with other medicines; note that it is not recommended for men with penile implants. Clinical studies check patients who take Caverject before and after; studies show that it is effective and well-tolerated when the optimal dose is achieved. Patients after therapy have reported having an increased return of erection. 

Caverject Dosage 

Caverject is available in 20 mcg vials prescribed to be used not more than three times a week with a day interval for each dose. The usual initial dose prescribed for psychogenic erectile dysfunction is 2.5mcg; an additional 5 mcg can be administered after one hour of the first dose when there is a partial response. The vial is disposed of for each dose used; if the amount still needs a titration, an increment dose of 5mcg to 10mcg is given after a 24-hour period with a maximum of 60 mcg.  

For patients with neurogenic erectile dysfunction, the initial dose is 1.25mcg, and the dose may be increased to 2.5mcg after an hour if there is a partial response; if the amount still needs titration, a dose of 5 mcg can be added with a 24 hours interval and a maximum of 60mcg. The optimal dose should produce an erection for not more than one hour of intercourse. The dose is titrated to achieve the suitable amount for your condition; a re-evaluation is done every three months to see if there is a need for dose adjustment.  

Caverject injection is a prescription medication based on the medical condition and response to the treatment; a doctor will instruct the patient not to change the dose without advice.  Even with insurance plans, Caverject cost may be high; cash prices may vary depending on which pharmacy you visit. Canada prescription plus offers safe medicines at a competitive price lower than other pharmacies and shops. Check the upper side of this page to see the complete price lists and other drugs available. 

How to Inject Caverject 

A physician will administer the first dose of Caverject to show you how it is done; you will be asked to stay in the office until complete detumescence. The physician needs to check if a complete detumescence occurs before allowing you to leave, for one of the severe side effects of this medication is a prolonged erection.  

Before starting the administration, prepare all the things you need, such as diluent with benzyl alcohol, 1ml pre-filled syringe, 21 to 27-gauge needle for reconstitution, 29 to 30 ½ inch needle for injection, and alcohol swabs. You may check the manufacturer Caverject video before administration for a review. It is injected along the dorsolateral aspect of the proximal third of the penis, but the injection site should be changed for every administration to avoid problems under the skin. Clean the area with an alcohol swab before injection, inject the needle to the penis, avoid visible veins, and apply pressure to the injected site after with the alcohol swab or sterile gauge for at least 5 minutes to prevent bruising. This mediation will start to work after 5 to 20 minutes of administration. 

Side effects of Caverject 

Mild to moderate pain, irritation, and slight bleeding on the injected area are the usual effects of this medication; if the effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor promptly. Take note that the side effects listed here are not the complete list. 

Serious side effects listed below may also be experienced; tell your doctor immediately if any of them occur: 

  • Swelling of the penis
  • Unusual curving of the penis 

If a prolonged and painful erection for about 4 hours and an allergic reaction happens, get medical help right away. 

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Caverject Kit

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Caverject Impulse



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