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Dosage: 50/500mg
Quantity: 112
Price: $88.40
Dosage: 50/850mg
Quantity: 56
Price: $85.70
Dosage: 50/850mg
Quantity: 112
Price: $160.50
Dosage: 50/850mg
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Price: $237.40
Dosage: 50/1000mg
Quantity: 56
Price: $44.80
Dosage: 50/1000mg
Quantity: 112
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What is Janumet?  

Janumet and Janumet XR are two medicines that include Sitagliptin and Metformin and are used to treat high blood sugar caused by Type 2 Diabetes. Sitagliptin raises incretin levels, which raises insulin levels in the body, especially after meals. Metformin is used to improve the body’s response to insulin and to reduce the amount of sugar produced by the liver and/or absorbed by the stomach and intestines. This drug is used to prevent blindness, limb amputation, nerve and sexual function issues, and kidney damage. It also lowers your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack.  

Usage and Dosage  

Janumet is a pill that is taken twice a day with meals. Janumet 50/500mg is for patients who are both on and off Metformin, while Janumet 50/1000mg is for individuals who are already on Metformin 850mg or Metformin 1000mg. Janumet dosages are determined by your medical condition, reaction, and other drugs.  

When using this medication, make sure you drink enough water. Split, shatter, or crush the medicine as little as possible. Medications in immediate-release formulations that may be cut or divided are comparable. Your doctor may begin with a lower dose and gradually raise it to decrease the chance of adverse effects. 

Take this medication as directed by your doctor, and monitor your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. If you’re already on comparable drugs, your doctor will tell you how to stop using them.  

How to Use  

Consult your prescribing doctor if you have a history of the following 

  • Allergies to medications  
  • Severe breathing problems  
  • Blood problems  
  • Kidney/liver disease  
  • Pancreatitis  
  • Gallstones  

Before having surgery, iodine contrast scanning, or an x-ray, see your doctor or dentist. Before your operation, you could be advised to stop taking this medication.  

This medication may induce visual blurring. Do not drive, operate equipment, or engage in any other activity that necessitates alertness and clear eyesight until you are able to do so safely. Limit your alcohol intake since it increases your risk of lactic acidosis and low blood sugar.  

To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of liquids. High fevers, heavy sweating, water pills, diarrhea, and vomiting can all induce dehydration. Stop taking this medication and see your doctor as soon as possible if diarrhea or vomiting persists.  

Low blood sugar and lactic acidosis are more common in older individuals.  

When using this medication when pregnant, be careful. For the length of your pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to take insulin instead. Metformin, a prescription drug, can interfere with menstrual periods and/or nursing. It can alter the menstrual cycle by increasing ovulation, and tiny quantities of it enter into breastfeeding. It is uncertain if Sitagliptin is excreted in breast milk. Consult your prescribing doctor about effective birth control options and whether or not you should breastfeed while taking this medication.  

Janumet Side Effects  


  • Nausea  
  • Vomiting  
  • Stomach upset  
  • Diarrhea  
  • Headache  
  • Weakness  
  • Metallic taste in the mouth  
  • Hyperglycemia 


  • Pancreatitis  
  • Lactic acidosis 
  • Allergic reaction 

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50/500mg, 50/850mg, 50/1000mg

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112, 56, 168


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