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Domperidone is the active ingredient of Motilium, a dopamine antagonist that blocks the action of a neurotransmitter that sends the message to the brain to feel nauseous and the feeling of vomiting. 

What is Motilium Used For 

Motilium uses are listed below: 

– Feeling of nausea and vomiting – A symptom of many easily known conditions; this medication is used as an anti-emetic that works on neural pathways to block the part of the brain that controls the feeling of nausea and vomiting. 

– Gastroparesis – A long-term condition where the stomach does not empty in a usual way caused by nerves and muscle problems that control how the stomach is emptied; it is not reversible, but symptoms can be relieved. Motilium is also used as a prokinetic agent that controls the acid reflux to strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter to empty the stomach faster and lessen the time of acid reflux occurrences to relieve the feeling of bloating or indigestions. 


Motilium 10 mg is the usual prescribed dose taken three times a day or as prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist; it is swallowed whole, not crushed or chewed, taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal. Patients with kidney problems are given a lower dose and are taken less often. Motilium is a short-term prescription based on medical condition, other taken medicine, age, and response to the treatment; a healthcare professional will tell the length of intake for Motilium. It should not be taken longer than seven days without a doctor’s advice. Regular intake at the same time of the day every day is recommended to attain the most benefit; if a dose is missed, let it be, and wait until the dosing schedule of intake. 

Motilium Side Effects 

Headache, troubled sleeping, nervousness, dry mouth, thirstiness, constipation, rain, and cold sore can occur as this medication’s common side effects. Take note that the side effects listed here are not the complete list, but if any of them persists or worsens, inform your doctor. 

These mild side effects will be reversed after the stop of medication; tell your doctor if any persists or worsens: 

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Breast tenderness
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Muscle spasm 

Get medical help right away if any of these are experienced: irregular heartbeat, allergic reaction, swelling of the ankle or feet, and painful and frequent passing of urine. 

Motilium Dosage for Lactation 

Motilium is used as an off-label galactagogue or as a booster of breast milk production. It is prescribed for mothers who struggle to produce milk within 2 to 4 weeks from delivery; a minimal amount of drug is passed on the milk-based on studies, which causes an irregular heartbeat to the baby, so use should be discussed for benefits and risks. This medication stimulates prolactin to help increase the production of milk for breastfeeding mothers.  

The usual dose given is 10mg every 8 hours, and the milk supply should increase within 2 to 4 weeks. If milk supply remains low, a health care professional may increase it to double dose until adequate increase milk supply is achieved; once supply is enough, the dose is reduced slowly to prevent a drop in milk production. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

-For what age is Motilium indicated? 

This medication is prescribed for ages 12 and above; a specialist doctor sometimes prescribes it to patients younger than 12 years old and babies. 

-How long before Motilium starts to work? 

After the intake, this medication starts to work within 30 to 60 minutes. 

-Can alcohol be taken with this medication? 

Limit the use of alcohol while in this medication, for it can worsen the side effect of sleepiness and irregular heartbeat. 

-Is this medication safe for pregnant women? 

The safety of this medication for a pregnant woman is not yet established; the user should be discussed and monitored by a doctor. 

-Can I just stop taking this medication? 

Abruptly stopping this medication is not recommended, tell your doctor when you want to stop the intake, and your dose will be reduced so the drug will wear off gradually. 

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