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NovoTwist needles are designed for use with Novo Nordisk’s insulin pens. They are compatible with most 32-gauge pens, including the NovoLog Pen.

Novo Nordisk is a leading company in diabetes care, and their NovoTwist needle is specifically designed to make injections easier and more convenient. The needle features a unique attachment and detachment system that allows for quick and easy needle changes with a twist and a click.

Use and Dosage

The NovoTwist needle is available in different sizes, including 5-mm and 8-mm needles. The choice of needle size may depend on factors such as individual preference and healthcare professional recommendations.

Specific dosage instructions for using the NovoTwist needle should be provided by healthcare professionals. Individuals using the NovoTwist needle consult with their healthcare professionals for personalized dosage instructions and any other relevant information related to their insulin therapy.

Consult with healthcare professionals for accurate and personalized information regarding the use and dosage of medical devices and medications.

Side Effects

Needle Novotwist, is a type of injection needle manufactured by Novo Nordisk A/S in Denmark. However, specific details about the side effects of Needle Novotwist are not available.


  • NovoTwist is designed for use with Novo Nordisk’s insulin pens and may not work with other brands of pens.
  • NovoTwist allows users to change the needle with a quick twist and a click, providing better contact and comfort with the skin during injection.
  • Consulting with a healthcare professional or contacting Novo Nordisk directly for more information.

Forms and Strengths

Needle Novotwist is available in the following forms and strengths:

  • Needle Novotwist Pen Needle 32G 5mm:
    • 32G – 5mm


What are the different dimensions of NovoTwist needles?

NovoTwist needles are available in three different combinations of needle diameter and length:

  • 32G 4 mm
  • 32G tip 6 mm
  • 30G 8 mm

What is the gauge of NovoTwist needles?

The gauge refers to the size of the bore or hole of the needle, i.e., its diameter. NovoTwist needles have different gauges depending on the dimensions:

  • 32G
  • 30G

How can I obtain NovoTwist needles?

NovoTwist needles can be obtained in the following ways:

For eligible patients, NovoTwist needles can be obtained free of charge from a Diabetes Australia access point pharmacy. If you are not eligible, NovoTwist needles can be purchased from your local pharmacy.

Can NovoTwist needles be used with specific insulin pens?

Yes, NovoTwist needles can be used with Novo Nordisk insulin pens, such as NovoFine and NovoTwist pen needles.

Is NovoTwist the most appropriate needle for everyday injections?

According to a study, NovoTwist was found to be the most appropriate needle for performing everyday injections by 71% of respondents.



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Brand Name:

Needle Novotwist

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Needle – non Rx

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Needle Novotwist


32G – 5mm

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Pen Needle 32G 5mm