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Nutraderm Lotion is a moisturizer that is commonly used to prevent dry skin, especially problem areas including the heels, elbows and hands.

Store Nutraderm Lotion in its original container, according to packaging directions.

When applying Nutraderm Lotion around areas of the eyes, ears and nose. There are no extreme side effects that will occur when Nutraderm Lotion contacts the eyes, ears, and nose, other than irritation.

Do not ingest Nutraderm Lotion. It is not recommended for internal use.

Patient Family Information  : Nutraderm Lotion should only be applied topically. Apply by rubbing into dry skin as needed.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in Nutraderm Lotion, do not use this product.

Sever Side Effects : No side effects have been associated with this medicine, other than allergic reactions. If you suspect that you are experiencing a side effect as a result of taking Nutraderm Lotion, contact your doctor immediately.

Nutraderm Lotion | Moisturizing lotion – non Rx | Nutraderm Lotion | Nutraderm Lotion

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Brand Name:

Nutraderm Lotion

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Moisturizing lotion – non Rx

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Nutraderm Lotion



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