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Colesevelam Hydrochloride
Dosage: 625mg
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Colesevelam Hydrochloride
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What is Welchol Used For?  

Welchol (colesevelam) is used to help reduce high cholesterol levels by reducing the amount of LDL-C (Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol). LDL-C is commonly referred to as the “bad” type of cholesterol, as opposed to HDL-C (High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol). 

While this medication can be an effective treatment, it is not capable of curing high cholesterol and is instead meant as a supplementary medication to be used alongside the implementation of healthy lifestyle choices.   

High cholesterol is known clinically as hyperlipidemia.   

Colesevelam is a bile acid sequestrant, which means that it’s not absorbed by the stomach. Instead, it attaches to cholesterol-bearing acids and prevents them from being distributed throughout the body until they are excreted.     

The liver is responsible for synthesizing stomach bile. When bile acid is expelled, the body has a need to produce more, which is done by converting cholesterol in the liver. This process is very beneficial for managing cholesterol intake and reducing LDL-C levels in the body.   

NOTE: Welchol will not have worthwhile, significant benefits, and thus will not help with high cholesterol, so long as it is not used in tandem with lifestyle habits that are targeted to lower cholesterol levels and contribute to a healthy body.  Diet and exercise are the most important values that must be implemented in order to improve the conditions of hyperlipidemia. It is vital to work closely with healthcare professionals in order to learn how to best take care of your condition.   

Can You Use Welchol for Diarrhea?  

Although this medication is used mainly for high cholesterol, it has been shown to lessen the severity of diarrhea in those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal disorders. Ask your doctor if Welchol is right for you to help improve your condition. 

Welchol Side Effects  

This medication can have a variety of side effects. In seven clinical trials conducted on patients with high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), the following side effects were reported:  

  • Constipation (11%)  
  • Upper/mid abdominal pain (8%)  
  • Nausea (4%)  
  • Weakness (4%)  
  • Fatigue and/weakness (4%)  
  • Sore throat (3%)  
  • Flu symptoms (3%)  
  • Nasal congestion/runny nose (3%)  
  • Muscle pain/aches (2%)  

In a clinical trial, pediatric (10–17-year-old) patients with high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) were given Welchol with the following side effects:  

  • Cold symptoms (6%)  
  • Headache (4%)  
  • Fatigue (4%)  
  • Chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and/or lightheadedness (symptoms of creatine phosphokinase increases) (2%)  
  • Nasal congestion/runny nose (2%)  
  • Vomiting (2%)  

 In 4 clinical trials, Welchol was administered to patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus, reporting the following side effects:  

  • Constipation (9%)  
  • Cold symptoms (4%)  
  • Upper/mid abdominal pain (4%)  
  • Hypoglycemia (shaking, dizziness, confusion, fast heart rate, mood swings, etc.) (3%)  
  • Nausea (3%)  
  • High blood pressure (Chest pain, headaches, fatigue, nosebleed, palpitations, etc.) (3%)  

 Allergic reactions: If you have a hypersensitivity to colesevelam or one of the non-medical ingredients in Welchol, then you should not take Welchol. If you experience any rashes on the skin or in the mouth, swelling of the face or throat, or have difficulty breathing, you may be having an allergic reaction, and you should contact medical emergency services immediately.   

Welchol Dosage  

Welchol 625 mg tablet may be prescribed with other medications for the treatment of high cholesterol. In such cases, the dosage may differ from the standard dose. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions when dosing Welchol.   

The recommended starting dosage for Welchol tablets usually begins with 3.75 g daily. The dosage may be reached either by taking 6 tablets spread out throughout the day or 3 tablets taken two at a time throughout the day.  

The dosage can vary wildly depending on a number of factors, including age, the condition this prescription drug is treating, weight, the severity of the condition, other underlying conditions, or the use of other medications.   

How to use 

This is meant to be swallowed whole and is not to be bitten, chewed, or crushed in any way. If a tablet is broken, ruptured, or damaged in any way, you should not use it and instead dispose of it at your local pharmacy.   

Take Welchol with water, as directed by your doctor. Do not exceed your dosage.  If you miss a dose, simply skip the missed dose and carry on taking your medication as usual.  If you have difficulty swallowing pills, there is an oral suspension powder option that has the same effects as tablets that may be better for you.   

The best time of day to take Welchol is after a meal. However, you should closely follow your doctor’s dosing instructions specific to your condition.   


This medication must be stored in a closed container at room temperature. It should be kept away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not freeze or refrigerate Welchol. Do not take expired tablets. Your doctor or pharmacist will assist you in disposing of any damaged or expired medications responsibly.   

Keep this medication away from children. 

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Colesevelam, Colesevelam Hydrochloride

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Cholestagel, Colesevelam Hydrochloride



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180, 360, 540