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Zomig Rapimelt

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Formulation : Rapid Dispersing Tablet
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Zomig is a medication designed to relieve acute migraine headaches. Zomig is thought to work by narrowing the blood vessels surrounding the brain, which can reduce substances in the body that cause headache pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and additional migraine symptoms. Zomig is used after the headache has begun and will not prevent or reduce the frequency of headaches.

Keep Zomig stored at room temperature away from any moisture or heat.

Discuss your entire medical history and what medications you are taking with your doctor. It is not known if Zomig cause harmful effects to an unborn baby, consult with your doctor before taking Zomig. If your headache continues, take a second tablet two hours after the first one.

Do not take Zomig 24 hours before or after using another migraine headache medicine. Effects of Zomig on an unborn baby are unknown, it is also unknown if the medication passes into the breast milk. Consult with you doctor before taking Zomig.

Patient Family Information  : Take Zomig as it has been prescribed to you. Take Zomig with a full glass of water as soon as you begin to notice headache symptoms. The doctor may give the first dose of medication in a hospital or clinic to see if you experience any serious side effects.

Zomig should not be taken within 24 hours prior to or after using another migraine headache medicine. Zomig should not be taken if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or you have a history of heart disease, angina, blood circulation problems, ischemic bowel disease, severe liver, disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or history of a heart attack or stroke. Avoid using Zomig if you have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor in the past 14 days.

Sever Side Effects : Get immediate medical attention if you experience any of these serious side effects: allergic reaction; chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling; sudden numbness or weakness; sudden headache, confusion, problems with vision, speech, or balance; fast or pounding heartbeats, dizziness; sudden and severe stomach pain and bloody diarrhea; numbness or tingling and a pale or blue-colored appearance in your fingers or toes; or agitation, high fever, sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of balance, or coordination, overactive, reflexes, hallucinations, and fainting. Less serious side effects include: dry mouth, upset stomach; feeling of pain or pressure in your neck or throat; drowsiness, weakness; or feeling of warmth.

Zomig Rapimelt | Zolmitriptan | Zomig Rapimelt | Zomig Rapimelt

Additional information

Drug Name:

Zomig Rapimelt

Scientific Name:

Zolmitriptan, Zolmitriptan Rapimelt

Other Names:

Zomig Rapimelt, Zomig-ZMT, Zolmitriptan ODT, Zolmitriptan Orodispersible


2.5mg, 5mg

Quantities Available:

6, 12, 18, 24


Tablet, Rapid Dispersing Tablet, Orally Disintegrating Tablet